Are you passionate about making public transportation accessible to everyone and defending riders rights?
Join our team of volunteers today and be part of a diverse, hard-working and fun community! 

“It’s refreshing to be able to volunteer in an organization that is very authentic to its cause.” - Tess Stucke
“The experience for me has been very positive, welcoming, and inclusive.” - Karen-jo Karam
Types of volunteers we’re looking for:
  • Technical volunteers: Social Media Managers, Content Writers, Developers, Marketing professionals and any other role that can be of help.
  • Public speaking: Help us spread the message, increase awareness and break stereotypes and stigmas about public transportation. 
  • Events support: Organize, coordinate and support us at events. 
  • Research: We have done a lot of research but we know that new data is created daily! Help us gather more information on the current state of public transportation and riders’ feedback. 
Why Volunteer ?
  • To gain experience working with a team from different backgrounds, hear the perspectives of others, and learn!
  • To enhance your technical skills while directing them towards a good cause.
  • To be part of the incremental change in the public transportation sector.
Want to Volunteer?