Do you believe in our cause and would like to show us your support? We appreciate any type of donations and believe in transparency

— Your donations will go to all the right places!

Here are some of the areas where your contributions will make a great impact:

Office Space

Coffee shops are always great but we’d love to have a stable location to meet up on a regular basis, share ideas and have a space to innovate and collaborate.

Making Buses Wheelchair Friendly

As part of our core values — Equity and Inclusion, we want to make buses accessible to people with physical disabilities. Your contribution will help make this happen.


We love our volunteers but understand their schedules and that this is not their full time job. We would like to be able to help our volunteers turn their passions into their day jobs so that they can dedicate their time to maintaining and building the Bus Map Tracking system, as well as other specialists in marketing, project management, etc.

Real-time tracking system

We try to establish partnerships wherever possible, but sometimes monetary investment is needed. Your contribution will help us build and maintain the bus real-time tracking system and make it accessible to all bus drivers and riders.

You can also access and fill the form above through the following link.

We also have several physical donation boxes around Beirut – Saifi Urban Gardens, Hamra Urban Gardens, Sip Gemmayze, and Dar Bistro and Mansion in Hamra.  No matter the size of donations, every little helps.